About Town of Meeme

Welcome to the Town of Meeme, Manitowoc Co

Meeme was one of the four original towns into which the county was divided on January 9, 1849. The name Meeme, translated from the Chippewa Indian language means “pigeon”. Meeme has very little wasteland. It is well watered, with lakes and streams.

The first town meeting was held May 15, 1849, at the home of H. B. Edson. At this meeting, he was elected town clerk while John Stewart was elected chairman. The first session of the county board occurred June 28, 1849 with four townships: Manitowoc, Manitowoc Rapids, Two Rivers, and Meeme. Representation from the Town of Meeme was T. Cunningham. The first elections were held in private homes, which for the Town of Meeme was held at the home of H. B. Edson.

The Town of Meeme Poll house was built around 1900 by the late Joe Schwartz and Edmund Kolb. In early days, the town meetings were held at the Meeme House in the upstairs hall, as they are to date.

Lumbering was an important branch of industry for many years.

Meeme ranked first among the towns, in the county, as far as educational purposes. Many of the leading men in the professions had their first training in the Town of Meeme. Interesting comparisons; in 1850, the assessed valuation of the town was $51,386.93 compared to $41,429,680.00 in 1982. The population census in 1910 was 1,504 with a population 1,563 in January 1982.

We can certainly be proud of our Town’s heritage.

*Brief History information was obtained from the Program for Ribbon Cutting & Dedication of New Town Hall March 27, 1983.

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